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Request and get the access to all videos. If you want then you can opt for 1 hr of trial access before payment.

Please note: We will contact you and create your trial account. You will be able to login and watch/check all videos for 1 hour. This will help you to evaluate.

  • - Please provide correct number on which you reachable easily (preferably mobile).
  • - Trainer will just try calling you twice.

FAQs for Hadoop Testing Videos

  •  Yes, you can learn HADOOP testing. Learning any anything is a process and takes time. Hadoop is not a tool which you can learn overnight. Its easy but vast and you need practice. Along with our training program we also give you videos over 40+ hours in duration. You can watch them and practice even after the course which will be very helpful. These videos have been made in such a manner that a layman could also understand Hadoop testing.

  •  Yes, you can. You can raise a request from above. We will ge in touch with you, create your account and we will give you 1 hr to try the videos.

  •  Hadoop is vast Everything cant be just covered in online training of 30 hrs or so Videos are therefore better as they are very elaborate We recommend people not to join training directly.
    Buy access to videos first and then join training later by paying remaining fee(not full amount).
    It helps a lot when you come to class after watching videos - especially videos on java and basics of selenium

  •  Yes, in the course we will be taking applications and will be testing them.

  •  1) We have a forum where you can post questions. Me and my team track it.
    2) We will also give you code made in all videos. You can refer that working code if stuck.
    3) Help is also available on Skype/Gtalk

  •  You can watch videos online. Yes, once you raise a request from above and your account will be created. You will be able to login and watch videos.

  •  No. Moreover if we add anew video or update video then you will get free access to updated stuff.

  •  The difference is only in the access period. The contents are same. You will have unlimited access to all the videos in both plans.

  •  You can watch unlimited number of times and at any time.

  •  Yes, we can help and assist you but we will not build the project for you. We can assist you if you are stuck.

  •  Yes these videos can help you clear interview but you will have to give time. Nothing will happen overnight and you will have to practice a lot. We will also be giving you around interview questions.

  •  Yes, you will get unlimited access to all the videos.

  •  You will have access to them for free. If you buy limited access(ex 35 days) access then the updates will not be available after your account expires.

  •  If you do not like videos, full amount will be refunded provided you report within 2 days of getting the access and making the payment.

  •  Our site goes down during schedule maintainence. We inform everybody before that.

  •  Yes you can watch them anytime.

  •  You can pay using card or net banking.

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